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Towing Receiver Kit, NAS, VIN J1Z18647 and after

Towing Receiver Kit, NAS, VIN J1Z18647 and after

The E-PACE bespoke towing system is optimized work alongside the Trailer Stability Assist traction control system. This system detects when a dangerous trailer sway situation is developing and helps to regain control by gradually reducing speed through cutting engine power and applying the brakes. The towing system features a detachable tow ball offering towing capacity of up 1,800kg (1,600kg for manual 150PS FWD vehicles), 100kg nose load. The detachable tow ball has been designed to fit into a dedicated storage area under the cargo space floor when not in use. For VIN J1Z18647 and after. The towing receiver system includes NAS towing electrics. The kit includes towing receiver, rear valance, towing module, module nut, towing harness and earth fixing for trailer harness. Tow hitch not included, if required should be ordered separately. Not compatible with rear stainless steel undershield. Jaguar towing electrics are capable of powering caravans, trailers or lighting boards including those fitted with rear mounted LED lamp kits. However there is a minimum current required which some auxiliary lighting may not support. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of the minimum and maximum electrical loading supported.

Price: $1,731.00

Price excludes fitment. Taxes not included.

Part Number: J9C23439,J9C15502,T2R28964,J9C12813,C2C8870,J9C14138