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Miska na vodu s ochranou proti rozlití

Providing a convenient solution for use in transit or outside of the vehicle, the spill resistant water bowl incorporates a clever design feature which redirects water towards the centre of the bowl when the water is disturbed, making it ideal for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in their vehicle. The bowl retains an open area allowing your pet to take a drink at all times, has an anti-slip rubber base and also a retention strap for securing it to the luggage compartment ‘D’ loop. The bowl has a spill resistant capacity of 350ml.

Cena: 1 402,00 Kč

Uváděné ceny jsou nezávazné prodejní ceny včetně DPH 20 % bez montáže. Změna cen vyhrazena. Další informace vám ochotně poskytnou smluvní partneři Jaguar.

Číslo dílu: T2H38743